It’s some great pumpkin cookies, Charlie Brown

For those of you that have been keeping track, my vegetable-fearing roommate Hannah has now tried a total of 6 vegetables since I started this blog: carrots, bell peppers, turnip greens, mushrooms, onion, and sweet potato.

She has thus filled one of the 5-star rows on her gold star chart, and so earned this dessert-focused post. Never one to go back on a promise, I decided to spend my Monday afternoon following through by baking cookies that would not only be a reward for Hannah, but that I could also serve as a snack to cast members of UF Shakespeare in the Park’s Selected Scenes that evening at our rehearsal.


Pictured here are the soft pumpkin cookies shortly after being taken out of the oven.  In total this recipe made about 30 cookies, plenty to go around.


In the spirit of the “healthy” focus of my blog, I decided that I was going to make these cookies using pumpkin, and after a quick internet search I found a recipe for gluten-free Soft Pumpkin Cookies on that fit my needs perfectly.

The only changes I made to this recipe was to substitute the coconut oil for melted butter, and the artificial stevia sweetener for real granulated sugar.


While Charlie Brown may still be waiting for the Great Pumpkin to make an appearance, my roommates as well as the cast members of UF Shakespeare in the Park’s Selected Scenes seemed to think that when it comes to great pumpkin treats, these cookies are it.

“The cookies were fabulous,” Becca said. “Warm flavors like cinnamon will make me happy guaranteed.”


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